October 15, 2014

Students help Habitat for Humanity

Students at Erin Public School put their painting talents to work on October 10, helping Habitat for Humanity refurbish unwanted items into valuable products. Habitat helps keep material out of landfill sites, selling a wide range of merchandise at its ReStore locations, including 104 Dawson Road in Guelph. This raises funds for its primary activity – mobilizing volunteers to build affordable housing. 

Nancy Fraser, Associate Director of Volunteer Services with
Habitat for Humanity, helps Meghan Allison use a hack saw
to chop the head off a golf club. The heads are inserted into
backer boards to create unique coat racks. 
Other projects
included converting old cupboard doors into serving trays
and old picture frames into miniature blackboards.

Colin Brownlow gets very precise with the yellow
paint on the back of his chair project.
Stenciled designs were added later.

Simon Wharton gave up on the paint brush and
used his hands to paint this chair yellow.

Braiden Reilley and Kole Wigfield apply pink paint
to coat rack boards.