October 01, 2014

Lou Maieron would bring experience to County

As published in the Erin Advocate - written by the candidate

I’m Lou Maieron, current Mayor, seeking election to Wellington County Council. I bring the experience, expertise & leadership needed to assist our new Mayor/Council

Serving as your Mayor, has been challenging but productive. Taxpayers elected a Mayor for change but also the same stale council, lacking new ideas & resistant to changes/improvements. Council’s been somewhat negative and there’s much misinformation about me purposely bandied about. 

Being the Mayor for change that you voted for, I identified inadequacies and brought forward new ideas/solutions. It’s not been easy. I honoured my promise to the taxpayer & worked for your benefit. I have provided the leadership promised. Change is difficult when it challenges a culture of entitlement; it’s been a struggle bringing forth positive change, as I’m only 1 vote in a 5 member Council.

Every election I’ve campaigned on a platform, few candidates do, as accountability then applies. I’m results based and stand on my record. SSMP - completed. Ambulance service improved as promised & operates from Hillsburgh fire station. The Town’s corporate strategic plan- completed. The Ec.dev. Strategy initiated & the Ec.dev. Committee ToR approved for restructuring/restarting the committee.

A Re-Use/Recycle centre in principal is supported by both Town & County; I pledge to create this centre, generating revenues to fund local improvement projects. Additional rural garbage collection- in progress. Significant corporate/benefactor support for community swimming pool existed – unfortunately NO Council support. A Town-wide road paving plan begins with 17SR. I was Open, Transparent and Accountable - lavish staff retirement parties at public expense -Stopped.

The needed Town Operational Review, as promised is started. “Celebrate Erin” a Mayoral initiative recognizing volunteers donated $15,000.00+ to Erin’s foodbank. Mayor inspired, 120 acres corporate donation to CVC, protecting Credit headwaters, 40 acres to the Town for sportsfields. Taxpayer cost - $2.00.

New Hillsburgh Library scheduled for 2016. China trade mission encouraging Ec.dev. & Agricultural trade. County controlled spending, averaging a 2.5% increase annually, we can do better.

If elected County Councillor; Pledge fair & adequate County services returned for Erin taxes paid, County Operational review is required. Will continue opposing the $1.5 million County imposed donation on Erin taxpayers for hospitals. The province funds hospitals!

I’m a farmer bringing common sense & practicalities to County Council, please compare my brochure to other candidates, then decide. With a supportive, less quarrelsome Council much more could have been achieved.

For Common Sense Leadership .......vote Lou Maieron - County Councillor. Questions/offers of support -519-833-2559/ loumaieron@hotmail.ca.