October 15, 2014

David Lyver says people deserve choice

As published in The Erin Advocate - by the candidate

l’m David Lyver, running for Mayor because I believe the taxpayer deserves another choice. I’ve served on Erin’s Environment Committee and ran Clean-up Day for 10+ years. I also won a CVC (Credit Valley Conservation) award for same. Lived in Town 20+ years & raised my family here. Been active in Erin sports, both soccer & hockey & currently coach a competitive soccer team in Peel.

Running for office, to bring positive change to this community. Last term we elected a mayor for change, but gave him a council of same old same old; that cannot be repeated. If elected I would improve the following:

Our taxes support county planning, some $400,000+/yr. Past councils have chosen against County Planning services, why? Before spending another cent to support Erin’s planning department, especially as our growth is SSMP frozen, I would utilize county planning to its maximum, saving Erin taxpayers up to 150K.

Recreation lost over $800,000 last year. I would combine the two community centres into one recreation department and have a Sports board, inclusive of citizens, making recommendations to Town Council on how to manage recreation more efficiently.

On the three remaining EA phases of the SSMP, I want full costing estimates before spending another cent.

If we want Erin to grow, we should consider working with developers, taking their offer of 250 sewage units to resolve the downtown septic issues in both villages.

Proceeding with the current $56 million proposal, based on receiving 66% grants, maximizing our municipal debt 100% does not appear feasible at this time.

The Credit River is currently in great shape and we’re only estimating 500 new homes in the 20 year planning period – not significant by provincial requirements.

Finding savings through efficiency and economy to fund a Erin road paving reserve makes sense as annual gravel cost & application are exorbitant.

Wellington County, we need fair service for taxes paid & not supportive of $ 1.5 million donation from Erin taxpayers for hospitals we don’t use.

Compare my message to mayoral candidates Finnie & Alls and decide who’s looking after the taxpayer.

Questions & offers of support are welcome – see candidate information on the election page of the Town of Erin website (www.erin.ca).

For positive change vote David Lyver, Mayor.