October 15, 2014

Cancel Ontario election to help Belgium?

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1914)
An editorial in the Advocate supports a suggestion being distributed in Ontario that no municipal elections be held this winter, and that the money saved be put in a fund for the people of Belgium, many of whom have been left homeless in a war-ravaged countryside. “Very few of our municipalities would be greatly deranged by letting the present officers control another year,” it said.

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)
George Haws, 101, formerly of Hillsburgh and now living in Orangeville, was the oldest person at the Erin Fall Fair. He’s been at every Erin fair since 1889. Rud Whiting, MP for Halton North (which includes Erin) also came to the fair with his family. Ken Marsh of Erin Township was the winner of a Sno Prince snowmobile, in a draw at the fair conducted by the Erin District Lions Club.

An economic study of Waterloo and Wellington Counties predicts that within 30 years, the population of the region will triple – with similar increases in stores, industries, offices and hospitals. Attendance is soaring at conservation areas, and new ones are expected to be overcrowded as soon as they are opened.

The As We Were column recounted an Advocate story from 1910, in which the store built by Hillsburgh pioneer William How was destroyed in an explosion. A trail of gunpower had leaked from storage kegs, and was ignited by a discarded match. Edward How was seriously injured, according to the History of Erin Township, and the other men in the store were saved by the full length counter, which held the weight of the fallen roof off them.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)
Erin Township taxpayers are facing a 26% tax increase this year, while Erin village taxes are up only 2%. Board of Education Finance Superintendent Cliff Chamberlain says it is due to new provincial government equalized property assessment system designed to more fairly share the costs of education.

The Ly family has arrived in Erin, five months after escaping from Viet Nam in a small boat. They were met at the airport by Rick and Freddi McLarnon, Erin restaurant owner Kay Soo and Bill Rutka, members of Erin’s Save the Boat People Group. They have been provided with a furnished home thanks to local donations. Two days after their arrival, oldest son Ly Thanh started work at the Foodland grocery store.

Machine gun fire was heard in the Forks of the Credit area, but it was for the shooting of a new Canadian movie at the Caledon Ski Club entitled The Last Chance, starring Lee Majors.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)
A fierce storm blasted Hillsburgh on Saturday, with winds up to 120 km per hour and large hail stones causing an estimated $500,000 in damage. Trees were toppled, roofs were lifted, traffic lights were smashed, Hwy. 25 was closed and power was cut for almost 20 hours, with a row of 16 Hydro poles down. Gary Robertson of the Hillsburgh Fire Department said the Township’s Emergency Plan was activated, and they responded to calls for tree and chimney fires, downed power lines and medical assistance. Firefighters did not get home until 3 pm Sunday. Guelph OPP reported that no one was injured. The Weather Office said there were over 1,500 lightning strikes per hour at the storm’s peak.

Marion Chambers, Executive Director at East Wellington Advisory Group (EWAG) is retiring. She helped establish the social service agency in 1984. She served on Erin Village Council and was once the President of the New Democratic Party of Canada.