October 15, 2014

George Silva has a vision for Erin

As published in The Erin Advocate - by the candidate

Hi neighbour! My name is George Silva and I’m running for Erin Town Council. I believe our Town is at a crossroads and the new council you elect on October 27 will determine our future success.

The last four years have not been helpful; we have had a dysfunctional council that has spent more time arguing with each other rather than caring for their constituents.

Here’s my vision for Erin:

1. The empty storefronts and lack of shoppers on Main St. saddens me. Council needs to work closely with the BIA to develop a strategy to turn our shopping district into one that both locals and tourists want to visit.

2. We need a plan of action in place for future development. We need to make informed decisions and have standards that ensure our Town maintains its charm.

3. I believe there are alternatives to putting a big pipe down the middle of Main St. We need to move forward with the study so our final decision is both smart and affordable.

4. Improve how council works with each other, with Town employees, and of course, with you.

Visit www.electgeorgesilva.ca today for more details.