September 03, 2014

Smith backs business-friendly approach

As published in The Erin Advocate

Rob Smith will support a business-friendly approach on economic development in the Town if he wins a council seat in the October 27 election – and a business-like attitude to running the municipality.

“It’s about taking care of people’s money and managing the corporation to get the best value for the dollar,” said Smith, who moved to the town in 2000 and bought Erin Auto Recyclers in 2006. “The people of Erin are the shareholders.”

He believes the Town can accomplish more if it devotes energy to a small number of priorities instead of trying to do too many things at once.

“I love walking down Main Street and saying Hello to people. I chose to raise my family here.”

He wants to see affordable housing that would enable current residents, and those wanting to move out of cities like Brampton, to retire here. A retirement home would also be a benefit.

“Why should people be forced out of town? Do we need some growth? Yes we do. Do we need full-blown growth? No.”

He supports continued study on a sewer system, and believes that the Town can negotiate advantages with developers without getting into costly legal battles.

Smith is a founding member of the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce and served on the Town’s Environmental Advisory Committee.

Erin Auto Recyclers has been recognized by Credit Valley Conservation for its environmental initiatives. They were the first in Canada to recover mercury switches from vehicles for recycling.

They support the Sunshine Foundation with their annual tire drive and East Wellington Community Services with the Car Angel Program – the scrap value of a car goes to the agency, and the donor gets a tax receipt. They also supply vehicles for firefighter rescue training.

After the Hillsburgh Waste Transfer Station closed down, Smith expanded his services so people could drop off oil, antifreeze and electronics at his yard without having to drive to the Belwood Station.