September 17, 2014

Shawn Wilson wants to serve community

As published in The Erin Advocate – written by the candidate

My name is Shawn Wilson, my family has lived in the Erin area for generations. I care deeply for this community, and it’s my heart felt wish to contribute service to this community as your councillor. To see Erin on a path of revitalization, making Erin a destination to visit, experience and live. I feel sensitive to the needs of our community and have the vision and tenacity necessary to work together for a better Erin! 

Real Issues that are of heightened concern to me are…..

The exodus of people leaving town; property values dropping.

High taxes and limited services with a high price tag.

The dormancy of the downtown core, it represents a “first impression” and we need to make a good one.

The need for us to provide and attract business.

The potential of a waste water treatment plant which has limitations in the amount of volume it can discharge.

Promoting the industrial sector and new business which will provide jobs.

Our resources and putting them into use for the benefit of the town.

Regenerating a family based life style in contrast to the bedroom community,

.…but my greatest concern is that of losing hope in the future of our town, our “home” town, its a time to overcome adversity, become improvisors and adapt to the changing demographics.

If elected I hope to work together with the new council in a creative way to see through the many issues facing us as a town. I own a local plumbing business and am the Musical Consultant of the RainChild project. The RainChild song is a song of hope for kids struggling with bullying. The RainChild project is an upcoming GLOBAL Youtube challenge that will be launched with our partner TAKE it GLOBAL. WE, the RainChild project is thrilled to have been invited to preform at an upcoming international symposium on "Inclusion". The symposium, Moments of Inclusion will explore Overcoming Isolation and Deepening Social Connectedness: Global Innovation and Local Practice, to be held in Toronto. We are delighted to be a participant and to join with a distinguished group of global leaders for the inaugural international symposium. Among those who will be part of this historic, invitation-only gathering are Timothy Shriver (Chairman, Special Olympics); Zainab Salbi (Founder, Women for Women International); Sabina Alkire (Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative); and Matthew Bishop (US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief, The Economist). The event is co-convened by the Samuel Family Foundation and the Synergos Institute, in collaboration with a network of organizations including the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, Special Olympics International, Community Foundations of Canada, and TakingITGlobal.

The RainChild project link,

Please support me on October 27th for a seat on Erin council.