September 24, 2014

John Brennan stresses council experience

As published in the Erin Advocate

Councillor John Brennan is happy that Town Council was able to accomplish some of its goals in the past term, despite the frequent controversies, and he’s hoping to provide some stability to make the next council more effective.

“We’ve spent far too much time rehashing the past,” he said. “There has been a high level of hostility. We need to spend more time working for the future.”

The eight-year veteran is seeking re-election with a platform of fundamental values. These include protecting the quality of life, clean water and air, and maintaining a sustainable community where young adults and retired seniors can afford to live.

He wants decisions made locally wherever possible and a council that can work cooperatively. He favours sound fiscal management, efficient use of resources and “informed strategic planning so we can take advantage of future opportunities and effectively deal with future adversities.”

He is supporting Allan Alls for mayor and Alls is backing him as a voice of experience. “A combination of new ideas and experience makes council more effective in a shorter time frame,” said Brennan.

He is pleased to have worked in support of the Equine Task Force. He’s disappointed that residents were not willing to come forward to serve on the Economic Development Committee, but he has pushed for a new staff person who will help focus efforts to not only attract businesses, but to retain and expand the ones we have.

He’s not happy that the SSMP took so long, but supports continuing the Environmental Assessment process to learn all the costs and technical options for sewers, and wants to start lobbying for grants.

He is concerned about the residents whose lots are too small for modern septic systems, and about those on fixed incomes who can’t afford major additional costs. He is open to building sewers in stages and the possibility of a Public-Private Partnership.

He supports the new Strategic Plan and hopes that the Operational Review will ensure that tax dollars are spent efficiently. The review should “invigorate the people who work here, and help provide a higher level of customer service”.

He has served on the Grand River Conservation board of directors and in the next term hopes to be appointed as the Town of Erin representative on the Credit Valley Conservation board.

He has also put a lot of effort into the Green Legacy Program that has provided 40,000 trees to Erin residents, and served as the Erin representative with Hills of Headwaters Tourism.