September 24, 2014

Barb Tocher seeks return to County seat

As published in the Erin Advocate - written by the candidate

I have lived and worked in the Town of Erin for 47 years. I am married to Lee and we operate a small business in Hillsburgh. We have two grown children, two grandchildren and a dog.

I have had the privilege of serving this community for 21 years (6 terms) as a Councillor, Mayor, County Councillor and Warden.

Why after 21 years on local council have I put my name forward for Ward 9 County Council?

I believe it is time to restore and enhance the collaborative partnership between the Town of Erin and the County of Wellington. Having served on County Council as a councillor and Warden for 6 years I have built strong relationships working with many of the County Councillors and staff.

I believe it is time to think outside the box.

Is it time to consider having the County manage water and wastewater for all seven municipalities, as is the case in many Counties and Regions? If there is a one large user base will water and wastewater become more affordable, more efficient and more consistent? Small municipalities simply can’t afford the astronomical costs associated with this service.

Currently the County and the Town maintain, repair and construct their respective roads. Is it time to re-think this duplication of services? Should we consider, local municipalities doing repairs and maintenance on ALL (local and county) roads and the County doing all construction and reconstruction of ALL local and county roads?

Do we need a transfer station closer to Erin and Guelph-Eramosa, for those items we can’t put out on garbage day?

I don’t have the answers to these difficult questions, but I do believe we should have these conversations.

Fifty five cents of every realty tax dollar we pay goes to the County. Many of us don’t even know what services the County provides. As your county councillor I would pledge to act as your resource and liaison person regarding County issues, questions and concerns. Communication is the key to understanding. I would be happy to write a regular column in the Advocate (with their consent) to keep local resident current on County issues.

In asking for your support, I offer you my experience, my vision and my pledge to represent you fairly and to the best of my ability.

Please feel free to call me at 519-855-4984 or e-mail me at to start the conversations.