July 23, 2014

Looking Back

As published in The Erin Advocate

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1914)
Trans-Atlantic wireless telephone conversations are expected to be available commercially within one month, says inventor Guglielmo Marconi, who shared the 1909 Nobel Prize for Physics after developing the wireless telegraph. When told that another inventor was working on a device by which parties to a telephone conversation could see each other, Marconi said, “I see no reason to doubt it. We could certainly see by wireless if anyone can see by wire.”

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)
A burglar alarm brought neighbours to the home of Donald Sanderson on the 7th Line of Erin Township, where they found five men ransacking the house. They took off through the swamp, leaving their car behind. The OPP are investigating.

The Wellington Board of Education has approved the construction of new multi-purpose classrooms for schools in Hillsburgh and Brisbane.

Claude Pattemore placed first in the Ontario Blind Golfers Championship hosted by Hilltop Lodge, with a gross score of 108.

The Erin Flyers pulled off a shakey win against Glen Williams, with Howie Detta hitting a two-run homer to tie the game up at 12-12. Then, in the final inning with two out and two on base, Wally Brennan hit a triple to win the game.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)
Hillsburgh firefighters had a training session with a new type of foam called AFFF, designed to extinguish liquid petroleum fires. “Since oil trucks are constantly going through Hillsburgh on Highway 25, we want to be prepared in case of an accident,” said Capt. Dave Sherrat.

The Experience ’79 program brought in a crew of students to build a playground for young children, on Mill Street across from the ball park. “The neighbourhood kids either give us Kool-Aid or throw dirt bombs,” said foreman Dave McDougall. The program is sponsored by Credit Valley Conservation.

The new 3,000-acre Guelph Conservation Area has just opened on the shore of the Guelph reservoir, featuring 100 serviced campsites and a swimming beach.

Harold and Blythe Meek of Erin Township had the top boar in a group of 120 at a New Hamburg Swine Test Station, featuring low backfat thickness, rapid weight gain and good feed conversion.

Erin Village Council has passed a new bylaw, allowing watering of lawns and gardens on alternate days, with only one hose allowed to be used at a time. Violators could have their water supply turned off and face a $50 fine.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)
Wellington County has made changes at the intersection of County Road 22 and the Second Line of Erin Township, after Jack and Helen Wilson died in an accident there on April 16. Actions include installation of larger stop signs, rumble strips and “Hidden Intersection” signs on Second Line. The Mimosa Women’s Institute had presented a petition outlining the dangerous history of the intersection.

There was a small fire on Main Street after a Hydro power line behind Jug City fell on a car. Erin Hydro Manager Gord Tarzwell said the lines may have been weakened by a recent lightning strike, and that power was out for four hours in the immediate area.

The OPP are still looking for culprits after a series of complaints. About $140 worth of cassette tapes and cigars was stolen from a vehicle at Leitch’s Garage, where there was an attempted break-in at the building. Three youths were scared off while trying to steal a vehicle on Spruce Street in Hillsburgh, while on Hill Street, someone went into the back yard and threw all the clothes from the laundry line into the creek.