July 02, 2014

Looking Back

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1914)
The British Admiralty has created a new branch called the Naval Air Service, encouraging retired sailors to re-enlist, and attracting civilian recruits with a rate of pay higher than for the submarine service. Candidates must undergo three months of training and commit to four years of duty. Meanwhile, the Royal Flying Corps and their counterparts in Germany are attempting a new technique – flying their biplanes in squadron formation.

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)
The Wellington School Board has rejected an appeal to stop the closing of the kindergarten class at Ospringe School due to low enrollment. Dr. J.P. Lautenslager led a delegation, with a petition from all 54 parents, saying “No expense is too great when the education of these children is involved.” The 31 Ospringe kindergarten students will be bused to Hillsburgh where there are 21, or Brisbane where there are 25.

All-Star teams are to be chosen by Erin Minor Softball to compete against other leagues. Paul Legge and Harry Smith are in charge of the American League team, while Dwight Bell and Al Kirkwood will handle the National League team.

The Advocate ran a historical photo of Erin’s 1911 baseball team, with Hump Matthews, Bill Ramesbottom, Jim McCaig, Tom Bush, Archie Chisholm, James Small, Bill Matthews, George Trimble, Ab Garbutt, George Sanders, John Trimble, Jim Sanders and Bill Bush.

In Marsville news, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Elgie have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Mr. Elgie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Elgie, and Mrs. Elgie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Day. They have a son William Elgie, a daughter Mabel Reid and a granddaughter Janet Elgie of Orton.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)
There was $170,000 in damage and 240 sheep lost in a fire at the farm of David and Karen Heaslip, at the old Eric Leslie property. The sheep were indoors because of recent attacks by roaming dogs.

Erin store owner Liz Balmer says Erin village should have its own police force, after thieves kicked in her back door and stole $83 in cash. A survey by the Advocate found that people are divided about the quality of the OPP service. Reeve Larry McKenzie said protection could be improved with better cooperation from the public. He said a village force would cost about $200 per taxpayer, which would be less if the Township shared the expense.

Andrew Beaudoin of Guelph, a teacher at Bishop Macdonell High School and a curriculum coordinator, has been appointed as the first principal of the new St. John Brebeuf Separate School in Erin.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)
Barbara White of Orton, a school bus driver with Denny’s Bus Line, has received a 25 Year Safe Driver Award. She was hired by Clarence Denny in 1963 and has logged about 300,000 miles on the job.

Village council approved a proposition to allow the Erin Hydro Electric Commission to build a new office and work centre at the north end of the village. The new building will have three bays and some office space, and cost about $387,000. Reeve Terry Mundell said the village would seek Ontario Municipal Board approval for a $250,000 debenture.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held to begin construction of the new Erin Place Shopping Centre in front of the Valu-Mart grocery store. The three-acre project, started three years ago by Terry Hryhor and now controlled by a consortium of owners, will help create a “stronger downtown core”, said Reeve Mundell.