July 30, 2014

Angelstone gets permit

As published in The Erin Advocate

Angelstone Tournaments on County Road 50 has been granted a Major Events Permit for the remaining events in its show jumping season, after satisfying Town Council that problems on the site have been largely resolved.

Angelstone says it has provided the Town with a site plan, significantly lowered their speaker volumes, adopted softer music for entertainment, conducted a sound study, complied with a traffic study, created an emergency evacuation plan, built an eight-foot privacy fence in sensitive areas and made efforts to improve relations with neighbours.

“”We went to neighbouring properties and in some cases stood in their living rooms to run sound tests to determine a mutually agree upon level that would not be intrusive to them even with their windows open,” said Lianne Selke.

“We kept within these levels during the shows. We were pleased to hear positive comments from many of them. We have ensured all neighbours have been invited to attend each Saturday evening event in our VIP pavilion at no cost.”

Angelstone has promised to deal with a water drainage issue as soon as possible.