March 01, 2018

LOOKING BACK – More rental units needed in Hillsburgh

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1983)
More rental units needed in Hillsburgh
A draft development plan predicts Hillsburgh’s population will grow by 350 in the next 12 years. Consulting firm R.J. Burnside and Associates advises that more rental accommodation will be needed, especially to retain young people and seniors as residents. The population was 1,061 in 1981, and is expected to grow by two per cent annually.
Responding to a questionnaire, residents said they wanted improved parking, more stores, a clean-up of the village and a reduction in loitering and vandalism.
Burnside is recommending that land north of the village and along County Road 22 east of the railroad tracks be zoned for industry. Hillsburgh’s current tax base is 92 per cent residential and eight per cent commercial-industrial. The village has advantages such as low land prices and a beautiful countryside, but disadvantages such as a lack of skilled labour and no wastewater service.
From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1993)
Composting facility proposed
A public meeting will be held concerning a proposed composting business in Erin Township, after council determined that the facility would comply with the municipal zoning bylaw. The Ministry of the Environment has been asked to host a hearing for a Certificate of Approval.
The proposal is from Jon Dickey’s Grass Co. on Lot 27, Concession 4. He wants to blend grass clippings, leaves and vegetables to create a “soil additive” that could be used as a topdressing mixture suitable for turfgrass. The company would distribute and pick up bins at various waste producers such as grocery stores, feed mills and restaurants, as well as waste transfer stations.
30-hour fast by students
Forty-eight Erin District High School students experienced first-hand what many youths encounter daily when they participated in a 30-hour fast ending at 11 p.m. Friday. During the fast, students only drank water, milk and juice, but did not consume any solid foods.
The fast was organized to support World Vision, a Canadian charitable organization that helps poor people throughout the world. The money EDHS students raised in pledges will be directed to assist Brazilian and Canadian street kids.
By Friday afternoon, the kids admitted they were feeling hungry, but video games and gym activities helped ease their anxiety. The evening ended with a pizza “pig-out”, courtesy of Rainbow BBQ Grill. Steen’s, Hillsburgh IGA, Valu-Mart and Foodland supplied the liquid nourishment.
From the Advocate – 20 years ago (1998)
Reception for Dr. Bull
Last week at McMaster University, a reception was held to honour Erin family physician Dr. Duncan Bull, the first Canadian recipient of a bone marrow transplant from a donor who was not a relative. He received his transplant to cure a relapse of leukemia ten years ago, after a match was not possible from his siblings. “Dr. Bull was truly a pioneer, because the Canadian Unrelated Donor Program did not exist at the time of his transplant,” said a university press release. He offered thanks to all who cared for him and for the support of his wife Cecile and family. He had spent eight months in hospital during 12 admissions over 22 months, but since the transplant has worked full-time at his practice and not been admitted to hospital.
Senior Girls volleyball champs
Congratulations for the Erin District High School Seniors Girls Volleyball team who defeated Mount Forest to win the District 4 championship and earn a berth at CWOSSA. Coached by Ms. Brandt, the team includes Andrea Bates, Sadie Blacklock, Mel Brunskill, Vanessa Chaperlin, Sherri Fraser, Lorrie Hagyard, Laura Hamilton, Nicky Clughan, Corinna Miller, Sabrina Piercy, Jocelyn Shutt and Tara Smith.
Long distance area expands
Bell Canada has announced that the toll-free calling area for local exchanges will be expanded by this fall. Erin (833) residents will add Orangeville and Rockwood to their list of local calls, while Hillsburgh (855) will add Rockwood.