March 29, 2018

LOOKING BACK – Brother home safely

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1918)
Brother home safely
Pte. W. Sutton, who has been overseas for the past two years, has returned home. It will be remembered that his brother Pte. Geo. Sutton made the supreme sacrifice some months ago. In Hillsburg, Mr. E. Royce, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Royce is home from the Front, where he has been for over three years.
Remembering George Short
George Short was born in Erin on April 4, 1918 and lived much of his life in the village. He passed away in his 100thyear, on March 16, 2018. I interviewed the World War Two veteran and his wife Florence a few years ago to hear stories of earlier times in Erin, and found them to be most hospitable. George helped develop minor hockey in Erin and once managed the arena on the Agricultural Society grounds. He was well loved and respected in the community and will be sadly missed.
From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1983)
New firehall needed
The volunteer firemen of the Erin Fire Department have decided to “take the bull by the horns” and raise the needed money to build a new fire hall. “We can’t count on any government money or grants,” said firefighter Terry Osborne. “We have decided to get the ball rolling and do it ourselves.” 
Deputy Chief Bob Bates said they need more space for their equipment. The vehicles have to be washed and maintained outside, and there is no room for lockers or showers for the men after they come back from a call. The department has a 1943 vehicle that has to be parked elsewhere due to lack of space. Hoses are dried on the floor, which can produce mold and rot. 
The department’s ladies’ auxiliary will have a fundraising garage sale, and there will be a door-to-door blitz of residents in the village, and the eastern corner of the township serviced by the village department. Their workload has increased from 59 calls in 1979 to 92 calls in 1982.
From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1993)
Tight purse strings at Township
Organizations requesting funding from Erin Township should be warned that early signs point to tight control of 1993 expenditures. Barb Tocher presented the Library Board’s request for an extra $3,000 in operating funds and $20,000 in capital funding, and Karen Smith of the Ballinafad Community Centre presented a pared down operating budget and a request for $5,000 in capital funding. 
Council made no promises on the funding, with Reeve Duncan Armstrong saying, “We have no problem with needs, but wants are another matter.” Clayton Leigh told council the 16,000 books now housed by the library is low for a community of this size. In 1982 the library received $13,800 when they had an annual circulation of 25,000, but in 1992 funding had only gone up to $14,700 for a circulation of 41,000.
From the Advocate – 20 years ago (1998)
Ice storm wrecks havoc
A severe ice storm caused major damage to trees and knocked out power to many in the Erin area last week. Erin Rent-All owner Carol Mercer said her husband Vic had been out all night Wednesday delivering generators. Police were busy directing traffic at major intersections, and people were checking in on seniors to make sure they had assistance if needed. On Dundas Street, half a tree crashed down on the roof of a home. Ontario Hydro said about 60,000 people in Southern Ontario were without power for more than two days.