March 01, 2018

Meeting on Erin gravel pit expansion

A public meeting will be held at Town Hall on March 6, at 6:30 p.m., to provide updated information from the county planning department on the proposal to expand the Halton Crushed Stone gravel pit just south of Erin village.
Some residents of Aspen Court and the surrounding area have been urging town council to oppose the plan, or to obtain concessions from the company to reduce the impact of noise, water runoff, dust, traffic and visual appearance.
The current pit is set back 300 metres from County Road 52. The proposed 140-acre expansion of the extraction area would bring it closer (on both sides of Tenth Line), with the company offering to make the setback 60 metres instead of 30 metres.
Residents have posed a long list of questions to the company and the town. There remains uncertainty about why housing was allowed next to lands zoned for gravel extraction, and why the previous pit owners did not extract closer to the homes.
The current projection is to complete excavation in the area closest to the subdivision within five years, based on a rate of 400,000 tonnes per year, but HCS is not agreeing to any firm deadlines.
Other issues include the recycling and stockpiling of old asphalt and concrete on the site and the parking of trucks on the Tenth Line.
HCS proposes to reduce stockpile heights and increase berm heights, and to plant a mix of coniferous trees and shrubs. They will move the main processing area to 1.2 km from the subdivision and have agreed to some changes in the hours of operation. They are using strobe lights for safety instead of back-up beepers on trucks in the early morning hours.
In its application for a provincial license, HCS has included the possibility of temporarily closing the Tenth Line between the pit areas and mining the gravel in the road allowance. This would be the last phase and would require an agreement with a future town council. The town could be entitled to a large quantity of free gravel for road maintenance as part of such a deal.