March 26, 2014

Town supports speed protestors

As published in The Erin Advocate

Town of Erin councillors passed a motion of support for residents who have protested the problem of speeding drivers in the 50 kph zone near Ballinafad, on the Erin-Halton border.

The Advocate recently carried a letter from a group that has appealed to government and police officials for strategies to reduce speeding. There was a petition with 54 signatures.

Council will have its staff report back on possible options the Town could consider, and they will then forward input to others such as the county, the OPP and Halton police.

Residents are concerned that speeders are endangering pedestrians and cyclists, on a roadway with narrow shoulders. 

They are suggesting better signage, including speed display boards, increased police enforcement, increased fines for that zone, a public awareness campaign, speed bumps and installation of curbs or sidewalks.

The road north-east of Ballinafad is County Road 42 and to the south-west is 32 Sideroad, also known as the Erin-Halton Town Line.