March 05, 2014

Arena snack bar on chopping block

As published in The Erin Advocate

The snack bar at the Erin Arena could be shut down if the Town can’t find a way to boost revenues and efficiency, according to Facility Manager Graham Smith.

In his commentary with the proposed budget given to Town Council this week, Smith said staff have been making efforts to increase sales and cut costs, but more drastic action may be needed.

“The snack bar seems to be bringing in less revenue each year, although the vending revenues are increasing,” he said. “Tim Horton’s also has impacted our concession sales negatively.”

He said council could consider trying to lease out the facility, which has a shared kitchen with the Centre 2000 lobby. The Town could also totally revise the menu and cut hours and staff, especially in the summer. The third option is to close it completely.