March 26, 2014

Author not concerned about copied report

As published in The Erin Advocate

Grey County CAO Lance Thurston is not too concerned about a report of his being largely copied by former Erin CAO Frank Miele last year.

Contacted by The Advocate, Thurston confirmed that he shared a copy of the report on municipal reforms with Miele, who had “indicated an interest in my approach”.

Miele acknowledges using the report to create his own, deleting some sections, writing some new ones and altering almost all references to Grey County, but leaving most of the wording intact. He said it was a matter of efficiency, which he had cleared with Thurston, and that it is common practise among municipal officials.

Thurston did prepare a First Impressions Report for his Council in 2010.

“That report was of my own making, my methodology, my content and my writing. I have shared copies of the public report to a number of parties,” he said.

“Mr. Miele did ask me for a copy of my report. He indicated an interest in my approach. It is common practice among municipal professionals to share information, reports and other documents. He did not indicate whether or not he would be using the report as a template for his purposes.

“It is remarkably similar to the one I prepared for my Council. The degree of similarity is unusual in my experience but not a big concern to me. An acknowledgement would have been an appreciated professional courtesy given its similarity to my original.

“I have not spoken with Mr. Miele about this matter. My last communication with him was when I provided him with a copy of my report.”