August 13, 2014

Looking Back – War sparks riots

As published in The Erin Advocate

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1914)
Following the announcement that Great Britain had declared war on Germany in response to the invasion of Belgium, a mob in Vancouver B.C. stormed the German consulate, smashing all the doors, windows and furniture. A similar riot occurred at the German embassy in St. Petersburg, Russia. In Ottawa, the government will deliver a gift of one million bags of flour to England to relieve shortages and stabilize prices. A group of German reservists from Canada was prompted arrested when their steamship docked in Avonmouth, England. Off the coast of Holland, 130 British marines died when their cruiser was sunk by a German mine.

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)
Well-known area farmer Smith Edward Griffin died recently at the age of 100. The family has operated its farm in Erin Township since 1838. He has exhibited continuously at the Erin Fall Fair since 1912 and at the Royal Winter Fair since it started in 1922. His potato fields were among the first to be selected as certified potatoes when the system was adopted in 1914, and in 1967, received the Master Seed Potato Growers’ Award.

The oldest contestant at the 19th Annual Old Time Fiddlers’ Contest in Shelburne was George Davis, 86, of Erin. He took along his dog Tip, who also did a crowd-pleasing routine.

Terry Gregson represented Erin District High School on a tour of Western Canada by Wellington-Waterloo students, known as the Young Voyageur Program.

The “As We Were” column recalled the 1944 meeting where the Hillsburgh Band was formed, under the leadership of Band Master James B. Tarzwell and Chairman Alex McLachlan.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)
Construction is proceeding on the new St. John Brebeuf Catholic School, with the placement of modules on concrete foundations. Principal Andrew Beaudoin will be on the job August 20. New teachers will include Mary McGoldrick, Arlene Ransom, Barbara DeAngelis and Jo Ann Hayter.

The oldest contestant at the 29th Annual Old Time Fiddlers’ Contest in Shelburne was George Davis, 96, of Erin. He attended with his wife Myrtle, and with Mr. and Mrs. Norris Sinclair of Erin and Miss Dorothy McKinnon.

Erin’s liquor store was broken into for the 14th time in its 10 year history. Employee Ken Graham said thieves kicked in a window and grabbed what they could reach. The liquor was valued at $23, but it will take $400 to replace the window.

Kathy Bailey of Erin will compete for the Miss CNE Queen of the Fairs Crown this week. Hosting the show will be TV personality Gene Taylor and Jacquie Perrin of CFTO, a former Miss Dominion of Canada.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)
Erin Township council has rejected a request to reduce the speed limit from 80 to 50 kph on the section of 17 Sideroad just west of Hwy 24 to the Eighth Line. A petition from 22 citizens, was presented, with a letter from Wilson Belford who said people are distressed with the dangerous speed of vehicles on the road. Roads Superintendent Tony Wagenaar admitted that speed is a problem, but said it is a haul route and may not have enough volume to justify a reduction. Clerk Murray Clark will ask the OPP to step up radar patrols in the area.

After three years of political and bureaucratic wrangling, construction has finally started on the 43-lot Hillsburgh Heights subdivision.