August 06, 2014

Looking Back – Austria captures Belgrade

As published in The Erin Advocate

From the Advocate – 100 years ago (1914)
The Servian capital Belgrade has been occupied by Austrian troops after a gunboat bombardment. A dispatch from Ottawa says the war will have little impact on Canada’s economy, with wheat farmers expected to benefit from increased prices. The European powers have placed large coal orders for their navies, but U.S. mills and mines fear there will be labour shortages if Austro-Hungarians and Servians in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are called back for military duty. Meanwhile, the president of a German steamship line said in an interview that England and France have no reason or inclination to get involved in the war.

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)
A service was held at the Weddell Funeral Home in Erin for Mrs. Robert Trathen, the oldest resident of Belfountain. Born in England, she came to Canada as a bride after the First World War, initially raising her family on a farm on the 5th Line and later living with her son Sidney.

The “As We Were” column looked back at the Advocate from August 1944. Hillsburgh potato dealer Fred McMillan had just shipped 350 bags of new potatoes to the Department of Munitions and Supply for the armed forces. Three months earlier, he shipped three train carloads and several truck loads of the old potatoes.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)
Norm and Paul Dray set up a fundraising toll stop at the south end of Erin village, asking drivers to make donations to the Erin Community Centre construction project. The total cost is $760,000 and $201,000 has to be raised locally. The toll effort brought in $2,000 leaving just $8,000 more to be raised by the end of the year.

Consultant Bruce Donaldson has asked Township Council to allow his client, Mann Construction, to convert their wayside gravel pit to a commercial pit. He said this would allow gravel to be sold to the public at Lot 26, Concession 1.

Rev. Katharine Michie was inducted into the charge of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Hillsburgh and Bethel Church in Price’s Corners, by Brampton Moderator Peter Barrow. She is one of only 30 women ordained since 1968.

The “History’s Scrapbook” column looked back at the Advocate from August 1929. James and John Gooderham of Alton were found guilty of operating an illicit still, which had been seized in their barn. Give a choice of a $200 fine or six months in prison, they paid the fine.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)
A 33-member delegation from the East Wellington Advisory Group for Family Services packed the Village Council chambers to protest a bylaw that would stop the group from renting out facilities at a proposed new building on Highway 24 near 7th Line. Ian McGibbon said the group would not be able to host or sponsor activities as it presently does. Reeve Terry Mundell said council does not want competition among meeting halls.

Sarvacc Investments has proposed building a four-storey Senior Retirement Village on Dundas Street in Erin. The project would accommodate 80 to 100 units, and planner Robert Nykyforchyn said centralized services would include a lounge-style restaurant, a reading room, a laundry service and an exercise room. Reeve Terry Mundell was concerned about the impact on the village well.