May 07, 2014

Looking Back

As published in The Erin Advocate

From the Advocate – 45 years ago (1969)

The Department of Lands and Forests has stocked waterways in the Erin Township area with 3,000 brook trout and rainbow trout. Terra Cotta Conservation area ponds got 1,000 of each, and brook trout were also released into Alton Creek, Cedar Valley Creek, the Credit River, Robinson’s Creek and the north and south branches of the Speed River.
Erin Minor Softball is having its first practice of the year and coaches have been announced: Red Sox, Vic Keeler and Harry Smith; Orioles, D.J. Herbison and Paul Legge; Tigers, Ken Clapperton and Mrs. Peavoy; Expos, Jeff Barry and Dwight Bell; Braves, G. Tett and Al Kirkwood; and Cardinals, Ray English and Fred Steen.
The IGA is selling Rump Roasts for 99 cents a pound, Parchment Margarine at 2 for 29 cents and Midi Nylons at 6 for $1.77.
The As We Were column reports that in 1920, the Erin Matinee Club (Wellington Hull, President) was planning three horse races and a ball game at Stanley Park on May 24.

From the Advocate – 35 years ago (1979)

About 125 people attended the fourth annual Erin District High School prom, with a reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower making it “an evening in Paris”. Last year’s Prom Queen Laurie Gregson presented the crown to Janice Hern. The princesses were Beth Graham and Sharon Burt. “The girls were chosen by a committee of senior boys who judged the candidates on the basis of their ongoing contribution to the school.”
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has notified Erin Village Council that the proposed dumping of solid wastes by Graham Fibreglass in the Erin landfill site will not constitute a health hazard. No dumping of asbestos will be allowed.
The Hillsburgh Snowroamers held a dinner to thank the many landowners who allowed trails to be groomed on their properties. Music was provided by Kent Tocher, and President Dave Cook reported that 25 miles of new trail had been added during the year, completing a loop to Marsville and back.
Erin Township Council has approved a property tax increase of 8.87%, but only 1.25% is for Township purposes. Hillsburgh Fire Chief Robert Cheyne showed council the plans for a new fire truck the department will order, at a cost of $17,235.

From the Advocate – 25 years ago (1989)

The Erin Village tax increase will be 10.7% this year, with 57% of the tax revenue going to the Wellington County Board of Education.
School trustees voted themselves a 42% pay increase retroactive to February. Their pay will go from $7,000 to $10,000, and with further scheduled increases, the pay will be $11,000 by 1991. In an editorial, Advocate Editor Sandy McLean said they were setting a bad example.
Al Leach, owner of the Esso Station on Main Street, is concerned that cars coming out of the station and from Foodland have to pull out into traffic to see if the way is clear. He wants 25 feet of clearance and a restriction on the height of a vehicle allowed to park on Main Street.  Reeve Terry Mundell promised to check out the problem.
Terry Hryhor of Erin Industrial Development Ltd. requested permission to start construction of stores on the land in front of Valu Mart in Erin village.