February 26, 2014

Gas bar approved for Erin village

As published in The Erin Advocate

A Petrogold Gas Bar at the north end of Erin village, with a convenience store and restaurant, has been given the green light by Town Council.

Existing buildings at the site of Brylyn’s Garden Market and Saucy Soup Restaurant at 280 Main Street will be retained for the project, which is expected to cost about $2 million.

Council gave conditional approval of the site plan at their February 18 meeting, rescinding a 1992 approval for a gas station that was never built and a more recent greenhouse plan.
A gas pump canopy cover is part of the project, along with curbed islands to control traffic flow, 25 parking spaces and a new septic system.

Developers Alexandr and Eugene Shcolyar said they plan to proceed with construction, with completion this year. No major changes are planned for the restaurant building.

A security deposit of $131,600 is required by the Town, to ensure all paving, landscaping, curbing, storm sewers and other site work is completed.

They will also have to make a contribution of $600 per metre of frontage, amounting to almost $75,000, for future construction of sidewalks. The Town already has $90,000 in the Sidewalk Reserve from the Shane Baghai development (Tim Horton’s, etc.) on the other side of the street.

“It will be some time before sidewalks are constructed,” said Planner Sally Stull, noting that there are drainage issues to be resolved in the area, and that the county road could be torn up at some point for sewers.

Mayor Lou Maieron reminded council that there is heavy pedestrian traffic in the area, and got support to have staff write a report explaining issues related to sidewalks.