September 26, 2012

Fire chief gets fire engine red Ford

As published in The Erin Advocate

The Town went shopping for a fire engine red pick-up truck and opted for a Ford – even though the mayor admitted to be a "Dodge guy".

The four-door truck is to be used by Fire Chief Dan Callaghan as part of the first response to fires and serious medical emergencies, instead of his own vehicle. It would also get day-to-day use in the department, for fire prevention activities and transportation of equipment, and would serve as a command post at major incidents.

A pick-up had been included in the capital forecast in 2009 and $33,000 was designated for it in the current budget. Council decided last week to spend up to $36,000, which will include a cap for the bed, a slide-out tray for easy access to equipment and an emergency light package.

After two rounds of quotations for fleet pricing, the choice was narrowed down to a Dodge at $28,108 or a Ford F150 at $29,841. Councillors agreed with the chief's preference for the Ford, based on better gas mileage.

Councillor Deb Callaghan declared a conflict of interest, since the Fire Chief is her husband, and left the council table during the discussion and vote.