August 22, 2012

Town applies for infrastructure grants

As published in The Erin Advocate

The Town of Erin will apply for federal grants of more than $1 million to offset the cost of the Station Street dam project, repairs to the water tower and new flooring at the Erin arena lobby.

With Station Street in Hillsburgh closed due to instability caused by the adjacent pond, council has authorized temporary work to get the road re-opened. No decision has been made about permanent work to replace the bridge, rebuild the road and rehabilitate the dam, which could cost $2.6 million.

The Town is seeking a grant of $1 million for that project from the Community Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). Funding of 50% is possible in some cases, but the limit is $1 million. Projects for 33.3% funding have priority, said Treasurer Sharon Marshall.

Mayor Lou Maieron was assured by staff that the grant would not lock the Town into a plan of action, and that the grant could be scaled back if a less expensive project is undertaken.

Applications for 33.3% funding are also being made for two other projects. Repair and resurfacing of the interior of the Erin water tower is expected to cost $140,000. Replacement of the lobby flooring in the Erin arena is expected to cost $90,000.

The grant program is for improvements to existing infrastructure, and must be completed by March 2014. A project must be one that would not otherwise have been done by that date without the grant.