August 22, 2012

Mayor blasts Town in fish farm dispute

As published in The Erin Advocate

Mayor Lou Maieron stepped down from his chair and appeared as a delegation before his own council last week, urging the Town to take action to resolve long-standing problems with land next to his fish farm.

Councillor John Brennan, temporarily chairing the meeting, told Maieron, his wife Karen, and their lawyer Kevin Sherkin, that council would hear the presentation but make no response, due to ongoing legal proceedings.

Silvercreek Aquaculture is located on Mountainview Crescent in Erin village. It is separated from the nearby Erinbrook Subdivison by a 17-acre wooded lot. Stormwater draining from the subdivision has caused serious problems for the fish-raising operation, Sherkin said.

Silvercreek was to be given possession of that land under the terms of an Ontario Municipal Board order, but the deed was never registered, he said, because of problems with use of an easement intended only to allow the developer to monitor drainage.

The Town has now advised that over $30,000 in taxes is owing on the land, and Sherkin said this should be paid by the developer or absorbed by the municipality.

Silvercreek also wants a fence erected, as specified in the OMB decision, said Sherkin. Silvercreek was not properly notified of a change to the subdivision agreement to remove the fencing requirement, he said.

He is also demanding resolution of problems with the drainage system, which he said, "is faulty and is damaging Mr. Maieron's business."