February 08, 2018

Angelstone zoning approved by OMB

A challenge to the zoning of the Angelstone Farms show jumping facility on Wellington Road 50 has been rejected by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).
Frederick and Nancy Gilbert who live next to the facility complained about the disruption of their rural lifestyle caused by an annual series of tournaments, attracting up to 1,000 spectators.
They argued at a five-day OMB hearing that the entertainment aspect of the events was not a proper agricultural use of the property.
Angelstone and the Town of Erin argued successfully that the farm’s primary use is horse training, and the events are a permissible secondary “value added” activity within the bylaw. They said adequate measures had been taken, as demanded by the town, to offset complaints about noise, traffic, trespassing and bright light.
The hearing was conducted by OMB member Sharyn Vincent. She ruled that the “innovative techniques” used by the Angelstone business are in the public interest, do not hinder neighbouring agricultural operations, and conform to the official plan, provincial policy and Ontario’s growth plan.
She ordered that the maximum number of event days be limited to 25 per year.
Angelstone originally held its equestrian events without proper zoning, but was allowed to continue under a series of temporary zoning bylaws. Last April, Erin council approved permanent zoning for the operation.

Former County Planning Director Gary Cousins told council he believes the show jumping, plus musical entertainment and the sale of merchandise, food and beverages, qualifies as a permitted use in an agricultural area.