June 25, 2014

Old sidewalks to be torn out

As published in The Erin Advocate

The Town will proceed with repairs to a number of sidewalks, but will also tear out some that are considered unnecessary or unsafe.

Council approved a $63,000 plan on June 17 that will see most of the work being done in Hillsburgh, including replacement of sections on both sides of Trafalgar in the downtown area.

Roads Superintendent Larry Van Wyck told council that some sidewalks “have been neglected, no longer serve the intended purpose and create a liability for the Town, and should be considered for removal.”

The Town has done the required annual inspection of its 10.7 km of sidewalks. It expects to have all planned work done by the end of September.

Sections will be replaced on Barker St. and Upper Canada Dr. in Hillsburgh, while all of the Orangeville St. sidewalk east of Barker will be removed and restored with grass. Also to be removed are sections on Queen St., Ann St. and the south side of George St.

Some areas, such as Station St. in Orangeville, and Daniel and Spring Streets in Erin village, will have their sidewalks fully restored only when the roads are reconstructed, and there is no time set for that.

Replacements in Erin village include sections on Main St., Dundas St., Church Blvd. and Daniel St. Planned for removal in Erin are sections on Ross St., the west side of Daniel St., and Scotch Street near the old public school.

More detailed locations and costs are published in the June 17 council agenda, available at www.erin.ca.