April 23, 2014

Town paid Council $91,169 in 2013

As published in The Erin Advocate

Remuneration and expenses for Town Council totaled $91,169 in 2013, according to a report by Finance Director Sharon Marshall.

Base salaries were $12,746 for each councillor, while Mayor Lou Maieron took home $22,060. Each also received money for extra meetings, per diem payments for additional work, and reimbursement of expenses for conferences and mileage.

Conference expenses ranged from zero for Mayor Maieron to $3,467 for Councillor John Brennan.

The total payments were: Mayor Maieron – $24,702; Councillor Brennan – $18,867; Councillor Tocher – $16,956; Councillor Callaghan – $15,374 and Councillor Wintersinger – $15,268.

The full text of the annual remuneration report, which is required by the Municipal Act, can be downloaded as part of the April 15 agenda, at www.erin.ca.