November 06, 2013

Photos of Mundell mill fire

The story on the fire is in a separate post.
The first four photos are by ‎Andrew Greggain, supplied by Erin Fire Chief Dan Callaghan.

Photo of mill a few years after it was converted to a planing mill by Ben Mundell in 1896:

Photo of mill by David Clifford, just four days before the fire:

Photos by Phil Gravelle, eight hours after the fire started:

The vertical drive shaft of the mill, powered by water diverted through a mill race from the Charles Street dam.

Brian Oates demonstrating the mill's woodworking equipment at the Doors Open tour in 2010:

A series of photos taken by George Beshiri in 1975, published by Tim Inkster of Porcupine's Quill in his 2009 historical booklet McMillan's Mills. The first is of current owner Dana Mundell chopping away ice in the turbine area, and the rest showing the vintage machinery and drive system.